RIP Biggie

Painting I made for myself, hanging in my art space
My favorite rapper of all time. I have a lot of rappers I like that I consider my favorites but honestly when I think about Biggie, his music just never gets old to me, it's something I can't shake. I'll listen and can feel a vibe of how life was back then, how people were living, the state of hip hop around that time...He's one of those people who is timeless. His work will transcend generations and live on forever. another reason why I think I have so much love for him is probably because he had a West Indian background, his mother is Jamaican, and a lot of his music has that vibe to it, he'll spit some Jamaican slang, so it's a little bit more personal for me. He can represent how anyone from anywhere can become someone. I believe that a lot of his talent, skill came from that background - toasting, freestyling on the mic.
He's one person who I've done lots of paintings of, he's captivating to me. One in the shop here.

A Conversation Piece

JR, who was visiting from North Carolina and his friend from Seattle came to the table. They said they had just gotten to the market, were just looking around. They were checking out the table and commenting on different pieces. We got into a little conversation about art, movies. Out of all the pieces he saw, he kept coming back the ODB one but he said he wanted something he could have in his office.

"Not a very HR-friendly piece" he laughed.

They were just going to look around and they might be back. Hours later, hours, they were back. He said they had a conversation between the two of them and his friend advised him that he should get one of the pieces that said Seattle on it - to commemorate the trip. It would be a connection to Seattle, a good conversation piece. So it was decided....he wanted ODB.

He got it and we all had a big laugh. It ended up being a good conversation piece too because it was only the second time I've sprayed it and I kept the first one for myself!

Thanks for the support JR.

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As everyone knows by now, we have lost one of the greatest performers and pop culture icons of all time. I had planned on making a Michael Jackson piece a while back, but never got around to it. I know it's messed up that I had to be motivated under these circumstances, but it is what it is. I idolized this man growing up as I'm sure many others around the world did. I practiced all his moves, sang all his songs...I wanted to BE him. This is a tribute, a sad farewell, as well as a celebration of a man who blessed us with music, dance moves and's to the man who knew how to moonwalk long before Neil Armstrong...R.I.P

American Gangster

I had planned on making this piece for a minute and I finally got the chance last week. This piece is an 8"X 8". I loved the movie and I thought this would be a good addition to the more current pop culture pieces that I've made. I usually try to stay away from movie posters and DVD covers when I use images for my work but this image seemed to good to pass up. I got a crazy new project in the works. It's coming soon and it's gonna be a banger. I'm just getting started, don't sleep...Peace!

John Lennon

There are lots of very good pics of John Lennon but I love this one just cuz he's wearing a New York City t-shirt. So with this piece being a huge pop culture reference, it's also a shout-out to a
city where I used to live, which I miss almost daily and can never get outta my system.

Badddassss Beauty

She's an 8"x10" and she's still unfinished, but I just did the first layer at about 6am this morning and I just had to post it up cuz I'm loving her so much. I've always been into baddass chicks, women with slick mouths and attitude. Call it a tribute if you more comin'...

The B-Boy


When I started making these recent stencils I never really planned on making any series'. But this one can be considered as a new addition to the Train Yard, Spray Can and Emcee stencils. This piece is call "The B-Boy", and soon to follow will be the DJ stencil rounding up the "Elements of Hip Hop" series. This is one of my new favorite pieces, I put a whole lotta work into it. Until the next time my fingers caress the blade...Stay Tuned...Peace!



For all the old school gangster and crime drama fans. Another classic image of a classic film. Ray Liotta, Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci. I made this stencil after numerous requests from different folks who came to my booth. Although it wasn't my own idea to make it, it's become one of my favorite pieces.

Cheech & Chong

I was flipping through the channels recently at a friend's house and stumbled upon a goodie. I have vague memories of Cheech and Chong from when I was a kid. Strangely enough right after I made this stencil I found out that they were back on tour. Just goes to show I'm always one step ahead of the time...more fire coming to a blog near you...keep it locked...Peace!

Fight Club