A Conversation Piece

JR, who was visiting from North Carolina and his friend from Seattle came to the table. They said they had just gotten to the market, were just looking around. They were checking out the table and commenting on different pieces. We got into a little conversation about art, movies. Out of all the pieces he saw, he kept coming back the ODB one but he said he wanted something he could have in his office.

"Not a very HR-friendly piece" he laughed.

They were just going to look around and they might be back. Hours later, hours, they were back. He said they had a conversation between the two of them and his friend advised him that he should get one of the pieces that said Seattle on it - to commemorate the trip. It would be a connection to Seattle, a good conversation piece. So it was decided....he wanted ODB.

He got it and we all had a big laugh. It ended up being a good conversation piece too because it was only the second time I've sprayed it and I kept the first one for myself!

Thanks for the support JR.

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