RIP Biggie

Painting I made for myself, hanging in my art space
My favorite rapper of all time. I have a lot of rappers I like that I consider my favorites but honestly when I think about Biggie, his music just never gets old to me, it's something I can't shake. I'll listen and can feel a vibe of how life was back then, how people were living, the state of hip hop around that time...He's one of those people who is timeless. His work will transcend generations and live on forever. another reason why I think I have so much love for him is probably because he had a West Indian background, his mother is Jamaican, and a lot of his music has that vibe to it, he'll spit some Jamaican slang, so it's a little bit more personal for me. He can represent how anyone from anywhere can become someone. I believe that a lot of his talent, skill came from that background - toasting, freestyling on the mic.
He's one person who I've done lots of paintings of, he's captivating to me. One in the shop here.

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Anonymous said...

Love biggie too man. Keep up the awesome work.